Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Two day week

My husband and I decided that a little time at home was in order so we have taken the rest of the week off work and are going to spend the time working on our home. It's back to sanding floorboards tomorrow morning for me but for the time being I am feeling the same excitement I felt before half terms at school. The knowledge that I have five whole days sans work is delicious and I intend to make the most of it.

Along with the the hall floor I am hoping I might be able to start one of the many projects I have waiting:

We won this hall seat/table from eBay at the weekend and I have big plans for it! I love it's eccentricity and with some sanding, painting and re-upholstering it should look fab in the hall once it is finished. Without planning it I seem to be developing an English Eccentrics theme for the hall what with the antler coat hooks and the union jack doormat (see previous posts).

I can't wait to get cracking!


  1. How bizarre-I was literally looking at telephone tables the other day on ebay-possibly that same one!

  2. Maybe we are at the forefront of a new trend!