Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Sanding

This was a significant Sunday as I said goodbye to my beautiful Jenny Packham wedding dress:

My natural instincts are to hoard everything but it just seemed a crime to squirrel such a beautiful dress under my bed. So I sold it to a very like minded bride to be who looked absolutely stunning in it. I hope it will make her as happy as it made me and I am delighted that it is going to have a life after my wedding

After that it was back to tackling our hall:

I have made inroads with the sanding but am going to wait for a day when our downstairs neighbours are out and about to tackle it properly because it aint quiet! Nonetheless I am pleased that the boards look like they are going to come up a treat and with a coat of white floor paint our hall should finally be the welcoming space we want it to be.

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