Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So rewind to last Autumn and this is me!

Matt and I decided that we should have a few days away together to take stock before our lives changed forever so off we trotted to Wales to stay at Argoed Mill booked through Under the Thatch which was absolutely beautiful.

We had a lovely time sitting by the wood burning stove and doing basically very little!

I did manage to exercise my crochet hook bit and a baby blanket started to take shape...

We also ventured out to the Red Kite Centre to watch feeding time which was amazing and slightly Hitchcockian at the same time...

And we did a little bit of walking and drinking in the gorgeous Welsh countryside:

It seems like another life now as we knew it would. For one thing Argoed Mill has the comfiest bed in the world and we slept and slept. With sleep now a distant memory I look back on that trip with a warm glow because for all that we used to have the freedom to laze about on holiday and lie in, I wouldn't change where we are now for the world. Now holidays are about being a family and discovering everything anew through our son's eyes. It was fabulous being us two but even better being us three.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Hello! If there is anyone out there then bless you for reading. It seems I blinked in October last year and suddenly it is July.

The truth of the matter is I think that I loved being pregnant so much that I wanted to keep the experience close and I didn't have the urge to blog.

And since I "stopped being pregnant" I have been kept a little bit busy by a certain young man. Speaking of which, would you like to meet the four month old light of my life?

I am delighted to introduce Albert to you. Not the best quality pic but a quality smile I hope you will agree.

I am absolutely loving being a mum. I would be a big fat liar if I said it was without its stresses, strains and countless sleepless nights (we are just going through the joys of teething - tooth one is through, hurry up number two!) but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love or the fun that comes with being a family.

I have been making, doing and shopping for our lovely boy and whilst I haven't blogged I have photographed so I am now going to rewind to pregnancy and bring you up to date.

Thanks again to those still with me!