Sunday, 1 May 2011

Our Parker Knoll wingback in its new clothes

We bought two Parker Knoll wingbacks for £10 from eBay - bargain. My intention was to reupholster them immediately. 4.5 years later and one is finally done!

Stupidly I didn't take a before shot and the other one is currently in progress and stripped back to its bones but I am sure you can imagine a dated and shabby wingback with no problems.

It now looks like this:

The upholstery job isn't perfect but as a first attempt with no prior knowledge or experience I am pretty pleased with it. I basically removed the staples (no small task) and took all the pieces of fabric off, labelled them so I knew what order they went in, used them as patterns to cut pieces from the new fabric and then stapled it all back on in reverse order - simple no? Actually it was relatively simple but very time consuming and no small task. I also used metal back tacking rather than trying to sew the back on which saved a bit of effort but is quite hard to use if you want it to look perfectly smooth (mine doesn't). I also made all the piping using an online tutorial which I now can't find but there are quite a few versions on google. Oh and I painted the feet white to match the white piping.

I now need to assemble the energy to finish number two! I have another lovely Graham and Green Gypsy Caravan cushion waiting to take up residence on it once it is finished.


  1. It looks brilliant! Just making all that piping is a herculean task. Did you use piping cord?

  2. Thank you! Yes I used piping cord covered in white fabric. That was one of the most time consuming parts of the process. I am crossing my fingers that I have enough for the second chair as I don't particularly fancy making another batch!

  3. Oh yay, the Parkner Knoll :) Think that was maybe the first we talked about in the blog world... our current one is the mustard shaped work in progess that appeared in one of my recent posts. They just take longer to do than they should!