Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A happy accident on the scenic route

I have been learning to drive. For various reasons I didn't learn the moment I turned 17 as most of my friends did. I had a brief stab at university but had better things to do like extended pub crawls and spending nights sleeping in the drama department ostensibly working on avant garde pieces of theatre so I didn't really put the effort in and never took my test. Then the years rolled by and living in London I never felt the need to learn. Plus being a non driver sort of became part of my identity.

Then I met Mr Crafty and we got married and I began to feel very guilty that he was not only my husband but also my chauffeur. So I bit the bullet and started to learn.

With the test looming some practice was in order. We were in Stratford upon Avon for the weekend and so I suggested we took the A roads back home to London and I would do the driving. We found ourselves going through the most picturesque villages imaginable and eventually stumbled upon the market town of Wilmslow which is like something off a chocolate box. And wouldn't you know they were having a Handmade and Vintage fair!! What a very happy stumble!

Please excuse my terrible pictures - I am no pro photographer at the best of times but having done my first stint at 70mph I was a little shaky!

The market square was packed with lovely stalls selling all manner of delightful items

Gorgeous sweet shop - I was sorely tempted by their cake pops!

Coffee from a camper van - genius!

Vintage ice cream van serving the most delicious rum and raisin ice cream!

And the end of the story? I passed my driving test at my first attempt two days ago so taking the scenic route delivered in more ways than one!

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