Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Welcome to 2010!

A very Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope a very merry festive season was had by all. We had a very lovely time Chez Crafty seeing the new year in with good friends and of course it wouldn't have been a party without bunting would it?

My resolution is to finally finish some of the projects I started in 2009. I have chairs to paint, other chairs to upolster, plates to source and hang, blinds to make etc. It will be great to finally get some "afters" on here after all the "befores".

One thing that really is finished (aside from a few teensy little finishing touches) is the kitchen and as soon as I can take some decent photos I will put them up on here (it deserves a little better treatment than a quick snap with the Blackberry after all the hard work that has gone into it!)

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