Sunday, 31 January 2010

Heaven is a place in Bloomsbury

I had a lovely day out today - the sort of day that makes me fall in love with London again. A group of us gathered together for a friend's birthday celebrations. We took in the Egyptian mummies and assorted gilded Elizabethan clocks in the British Museum and then headed to my new favourite place in the world Bea's of Bloomsbury for the most marvellous tea!

I loved the high kicking cake stand and the red velvet cupcake was to die for. They have an open kitchen there so you can spy on all the clever pastry chefs rustling up wonderful sweet treats. I would heartily recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth!


  1. Oooh sounds like a place i must visit when i come to London next week!! Can not wait :)

  2. Oooh I so have to go there when I'm next down in London! Was meant to be Valentine's weekend but we're now going to Newcastle instead!!

    Fab cake stands too ;)

  3. Beautiful cakes, feeling so hungry now.