Thursday, 12 November 2009

Me Old China

Well things are moving on with our kitchen. Our reclaimed worktop is being delivered this weekend and then with any luck we have people coming in next week to fit it and do the tiling. Mr Crafty is going to fit the floor and wallpaper the chimney breast. So with any luck it should be finished by Christmas and my mind has naturally turned towards finishing touches.

There is one very empty bit of wall. A poster would be the most obvious thing to fill it but I have seen a lot of lovely displays made with china plates in magazines recently and am thinking of something similar. Given that both my grandfathers worked in the pottery industry it seems rather appropriate. Perhaps something along these lines:

Photo sourced from Glassford Hill Girl Blog

Photo sourced from E How

Photo sourced from

I better get down to a car boot sale to start collecting!


  1. love them, I've seen several like this too and I think they look fab. I think they're best when theres some kind of unifying element, like colour, or shape, or motif, but if you're doing the eclectic chic look then anything goes!

  2. Yes I love the plates on the wall, I love anything kind of Modern Granny style, if you know what I mean!

  3. I saw a plate display on Etsy Storqueages ago, and hae been collecting red and yellow ones since. They are going to go oer my kitchen sink. I think it looks really fab!

  4. Love that first pic... it's something I would so love to do but we don't really have the right wall space for it :(

  5. Me old china I have awarded the (somewhat dubious) blog award... Shoulda Been A Stripper! Because you're fab! x

  6. Love these images, a plate wall has to be the way to go x

  7. hey meg - do you have an email address I can get you on?
    Wondering if I might feature you in an article... you can get me on
    thank you xx