Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cake Autumn: Number One

I am part way through three weeks of consecutive cake making at the moment. I made the cake for the lovely wedding of one of my school friends in Wiltshire last weekend. It was a nice one to make as it involved lots of sugar flowers which are always fun.

I know some of you have asked about how I make the roses before. At some point I will do a tutorial but in the meantime there is a brilliant set of demo videos on YouTube which I have followed in the past. Here is part one to whet your appetite:

I am making a Christening cake this week and a wedding cake the week after so more cake posts to follow!


  1. Meg, you are a cake goddess! Amazing!

    P.S. Was laughing at your anthro comments... sitting at work at my computer, going 'I'm so jealous' to my art director! ;)

  2. Hey Meg. Thought you might like to see our reupholstered Parker Knoll... I you said you'd want to see it (months ago when I first 'acquired' it!)