Wednesday, 17 June 2009


We have been doing a bit more work on our kitchen cabinets and I am really excited about the progress. About a third of our cabinets are now painted and resplendent with new handles. It makes such a difference already. I can't wait to get on and finish them (and do the tiling, wallpaper the chimney breast, install the new worktop and flooring, ho hum...)

This is what all our cabinets used to look like (beech effect melamine):

This is what they look like painted with melamine primer and two coats of Farrow and Ball's Blackened Estate Eggshell and fitted with new shaker style handles bought v cheaply on eBay:

The photo's not great (still working out how to get the most out of my Blackberry camera) but I hope you can get a sense of the difference. Can't wait until it's finally time to post before and afters of the whole room.


  1. It looks great! You are getting so much done over at your place lately - I'm totally jealous. Can't wait to see the entire room!

  2. Oooh I like... Meg you are super crafty indeed! Wish I could get you to come to mine and craft up some stuff ;)

  3. so clever! do you not get nervous about the paint going on to thick or getting it wrong? do you just take a deep breath and go for it? it's stunning! x

  4. I did have to take a bit of a deep breath! But I had a plan B that if it all went wrong we would get some MDF doors made up and we'd paint those instead. I was very definite about wanting the old doors gone so that spurred me on :)

  5. these look great!

    Happy weekend to you! xo

  6. They look very nice :)
    Very tasteful! x