Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fireplace Envy

I have always been rather proud of our fireplace which currently looks like this:

That is until I saw this picture of Charlotte Seddon's home on Eden Rose's lovely blog:

(Image from www.dailymail.co.uk)

Mine looks awfully bare and impersonal in comparison. When we got our flat three years ago I was loving monochrome (possibly a bit too much in retrospect) and whilst I still love our Habitat wallpaper which we just have on the chimney breast (the walls on either side are white) I would now like to break up the black and white with some more feminine touches and some soft colours. Something to make it a bit less austere at any rate. Some lovely fresh flowers might be a good place to start and my fingers are crossed that there will be a reasonably priced reproduction Eames rocker on eBay round about my birthday so that I can nudge Mr Crafty in its general direction (sadly the originals are always out of our price range). I can just see it sitting in front of the fireplace with a pretty cushion on it a la Charlotte. In the meantime it's definitely time to for a little bit of an accessories makeover...


  1. thanks for the link love!!! Your fireplace is gorg i love the wallpaper but it's screaming for a bunch of pink roses and a turquoise glass vase?? glad you had a great holiday x

  2. Ooh you're so right! That is exactly what it needs. I know what I'll be trawling eBay for this lunchtime...

  3. Just have to ask... ever thought of colouring in the white bits on your wallpaper? In no way suggesting you actually do this but was just wondering... my inner 5 year old wants to scribble!

  4. Funny you should say that - it's the first thing most of our guests want to do when they see it! It is tempting I have to admit. I am a child at heart too when it comes to colouring, cutting and sticking but I think I might regret it later :) I have an inkling if we have a child though it won't last long without some doodles on it! x

  5. Ha, glad you've thought of it too! Yes think you would regret it later... I always think the same thing about the Frames wallpaper you can get from graham & brown – nice idea but you'd either have to be an artist or love your kids very much to do anything with it!

  6. How funny Meg, we inherited a house COVERED in that wallpaper! - in all the halls and three rooms.It has slowly been replaced because you know what it's like when it's someone else's taste! We have one remaining wall in the upstairs hallway but it does always look like it should be coloured in.