Sunday, 12 April 2009


I mentioned a while back that the projects were stacking up. Well, this weekend finally saw the completion of one. There was a time when, if I needed a new piece of furniture, I would have thought nothing about popping down to Ikea. The problem is you end up with something mass produced, non environmentally friendly and of questionable quality and longevity. As a result I am much more likely these days to try and find a pre-loved item on eBay and then revamp it to suit my taste. If you pick your projects right you end up with solid good quality pieces that you can give your own personal twist.

I bought this bookcase a while ago on eBay for more or less the price of an Ikea unit with a view to giving it a makeover (photo from eBay):

It now looks like this:

You can tell I have been overdosing on Living Etc by the fact I have arranged the books by colour rather than something sensible such as genre or author. Mr Crafty finds this very illogical as he is an avid reader and collector of books and now it's harder to find the book you want but it gives me a little glow every time I look at it.

I also got these lovely handles from John Lewis because I wanted a splash of colour against the Farrow and Ball All White Eggshell:


  1. That's so funny! I have totally been arranging my books by colour too. This makeover looks great!

  2. Well done! It looks fantastic.

  3. Thank you for the comments - it has made such a difference to the room. It's amazing what a simple paint job and some new knobs can do!