Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Wise Words

We have been in our flat for almost three years now and it is finally beginning to take shape. Due to budget constraints progress has been slow and we are always saving for the big DIY projects with not much to spend on the little accessories that make a place feel like home. One of the things that is currently missing is art. Apart from our freebie map and Mr Crafty's treasured framed Empire Strikes Back poster, our walls are very bare and sad. We have our families coming over for Easter and I really want to get a few nice prints up on the wall so I was over the moon when I found Advice to Sink in Slowly, a collection of fantastic prints with a message, a sense of humour and a very reasonable price tag. I will most certainly be snapping a few of these up to bring a bit of life to our white walls:


  1. I Love these, have been meaning to buy some for ages but lost the link, thanks for posting! It makes me realise how much talent is in college waiting to come out. *note to self* i should spend more time at graduation art shows.

  2. these are so great!! love them......

    Thanks for your comment today! :)