Friday, 14 December 2012

Evolution of The Tree Part Two

The result of starting again is that the tree is a little bit less adorned than in previous years but I am quite enjoying the green yuletide foliage being on the exposed side. And most importantly I now love every one of the decorations on it (with the exception perhaps of my hastily crocheted "baubles" - they are fine for now but I don't love them).

So here it is, wearing what I hope is the beginning of our family collection of decorations:

The Noel star was whipped up in about 20 min on my new favourite thing in the world, my Brother SE-400, bought for me for my birthday by a group of very kind relations organised by my lovely husband. It embroiders! I know embroidery machines are not news but they are in my house and it still seems like witnessing white witchcraft watching it do its business.

These are my favourites so far in terms of the rest of the decorations:

From Rockett St George

Bought at the Cockpit Arts open studios

Another Cockpit Arts find

Of course the piece de resistance is yet to arrive. We have one of these with Bertie's name on order:

By Sioned ap Gareth via Not on the High Street

I am especially looking forward to hanging that one year after year and thinking back to this special time in all our lives.


  1. Love it! And love the Bertie bauble, super cute idea :) Merry Christmas x

  2. Gorgeous. Love all the decs!