Monday, 2 July 2012


Hello! If there is anyone out there then bless you for reading. It seems I blinked in October last year and suddenly it is July.

The truth of the matter is I think that I loved being pregnant so much that I wanted to keep the experience close and I didn't have the urge to blog.

And since I "stopped being pregnant" I have been kept a little bit busy by a certain young man. Speaking of which, would you like to meet the four month old light of my life?

I am delighted to introduce Albert to you. Not the best quality pic but a quality smile I hope you will agree.

I am absolutely loving being a mum. I would be a big fat liar if I said it was without its stresses, strains and countless sleepless nights (we are just going through the joys of teething - tooth one is through, hurry up number two!) but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love or the fun that comes with being a family.

I have been making, doing and shopping for our lovely boy and whilst I haven't blogged I have photographed so I am now going to rewind to pregnancy and bring you up to date.

Thanks again to those still with me!


  1. Oh congratulations, he’s gorgeous! Well done - and you have an Albert too! Will he be ‘Bertie’ like mine?? Looking forward to more pictures. And totally understand the not blogging whilst pregnant. I didn’t pretty much the whole time either. Take care x

  2. He is another Bertie! I am a huge Kate Bush fan and have had the name in mind since she named her son. We also wanted a family name and Albert is there on both sides. And of course your Bertie is an excellent role model in the satorial and adorable-ness stakes!!

  3. Oh Meg, he is just perfect. I am glad to meet him and here that you are well and enjoying life - all one could ask really!