Sunday, 17 July 2011

Birthdays, Banners and Blognics

So I recently turned the big 35. I was in France for my birthday and spent the day picnicking by an idyllic stretch of river and dining at this amazing courtyard restaurant in the picturesque village of Angles sur l'Anglin:

I was very spoiled by Mr Crafty, my family and my in-laws and am now the very, very proud owner of a Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer in Majestic Yellow. I feel slightly traitorous towards my vintage Kenwood, which was given to me by the mother of my oldest friend, and has beaten the mix for many a cake including our wedding cake but look how pretty....(sorry Kenwood)...

I was also treated to the most amazing vintage sewing box by my friend Helen and now finally have somewhere to neatly stash my overflowing sewing supplies.

We found it at the Winter's Moon open studio day. Their website is full of very beautiful things and well worth checking out.

Then last Sunday I attended Blognic in Regents Park:


What a lovely day! It was great to meet other like-minded bloggers although I didn't by any means to speak to everyone there sadly. Thanks so much to Lynne and Ellie for organising.

And finally, speaking of Lynne, I have been meaning to post about my fabulous banner from her gorgeous shop Papermash. It arrived so prettily packaged it almost seemed a shame to open it:

But open it I did and I am so pleased with how it completes the pictures in the corridor:


  1. I felt a little like a traitor when opting for a pretty Kitchenaid over my family's passion for Kenwood. But the prettiness and I do think they are slightly better -(perhaps wishful thinking!)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Is that still ok? I can't imagine a better way to spend that day... Hope to see more posts xo

  3. Happy belated birthday Meg! I love the sewing box so much... and the banner from Lynne's shop is brill and goes so well with the red bus print :)

  4. I'm very late on this one, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am ever so envious of your KitchenAid. :)

  5. Happy belated birthday to you!
    Looks like you had a fab one.

  6. happy belated birthday! and you will LOVE the kitchen aid, I have it too!

    i wanted to ask you something wedding cake related but can't find your email add... can you drop me a line on so I can reply back to you with my cake query? thank you! xx