Sunday, 16 August 2009

Garage Booty

We recently cleared my parents garage out for them and whilst the majority of what was in there went to Freecycle or the recycling centre, there were a few gems that have now joined the queue of furniture to be revamped in our flat. My favourite two pieces are below, but I also kept an old child's school desk that used to be mine (the sort with an ink well and a flip up lid), a wooden sledge, a 1930s wooden toy theatre and a little wooden child's chair. These have gone in the attic in the hope that one day there will be a Crafty junior to make use of them!

I love the shape of this desk:

I think I am going to paint it cobalt blue and give it some new pretty handles. It will fit in just beautifully in our sitting room as a home for our laptop.

And this was my grandmother's trolley:

She used to keep her sewing machine on it and threads etc. and I may just do the same. I think this will probably end up yellow and I will probably use some wallpaper on it as well.

Goodness knows when I will find the time to finish them but I am really looking forward to seeing them revamped. I grew up with both of them so it will be lovely to have them in my own home.


  1. That desk looks fab in black!!! Blue would be beautiful too. I am jealous you have found such great stuff, all i ever find is giant spiders and rubbish. x

  2. Oh I love little old school desks! The shape of the grown-up desk is so fab... and the trolley is ace. Can't wait to see what you do with them :D

  3. really look forward to seeing what you do with the desk as I have an almost identical one that is in bad need of revamping. I just haven't really decided yet what I should do with it. Great finds!

  4. Meg, that ring you suggested is so gorgeous! I have a feeling I may have to email you for your wedding tips. I'm feeling rather clueless about the whole thing... getting asked so many questions about things I've never even considered! Ekk!